ESSS 8th General Assembly

Written by Ermyas Aklilu.

Ethiopian Space Science Society will hold its General Assembly on 8-9 March 2014 according to Information, Education and Communication Committee of the society. Addis Ababa Institute of Technology (AAIT) hall at 5 kilo, Addis Ababa University, will host this important two days event. The Committee further indicated that day one (8th of March, 2014) of the assembly is dedicated for scientific presentations and exhibitions which will be presented by field experts that includes invited foreign nationals. According to the organizing committee of the assembly, Members Visit to Entoto Observatory late in the afternoon and Sky gazing event will conclude the first day of the assembly. During the Second day of the assembly (9th of March 2013,), all Society related affairs will be handled, the proposed agenda will mainly focus on discussion and approval of Board Activity and society’s Financial Reports on elapsed year and election of new board of directors. According to the organizing committee, on such great occasion, thought leaders, policy makers, practitioners, educators, subject matter experts as well as young students will be under one roof to discuss the issue of Astronomy and space science development in Ethiopia.