EORC legally transferred into MOST

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On March 5, 2016, the official transferring ceremony of EORC in to MOST and Special Award and appreciation Programs were held at Intercontinental Hotel, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.


EORC was officially transferred to FDRE Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) and the legal transferring document was signed by EORC Council and board chairman H.E Tefera Walwa and MOST state Minister H.E D.Eng. Getahun Mekuria.  During the transferring ceremony, EORC Council and board members, EORC staff, invited governmental and non-governmental organizations, Embassies and other stake holder representatives were attended the ceremony.

After the signing ceremony, Mr. Tefera Walwa, said that the council and board of Entoto Observatory and Research Center realized that the successful operation of the center’s research and education activities in its current capacity as well as its short and medium term strategic goals require huge investment that challenge the limited financial support received from universities and ESSS. In order to ascertain sustainable development of the Entoto Observatory and Research Center's research and training in recognition of the crucial contributions of the space exploration and earth observation programs for the emerging Ethiopian economy, social services, environmental protection and management, climate change, as well as for building national pride, the council and board of the Entoto Observatory and Research Center decided to officially transfer the center to the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Ministry of Science and Technology.

EORC and MOST signing.

On behalf of the council and board of the Entoto Observatory and Research Center he appreciated and thanks the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia for its readiness and willing to take the responsibility to administer Entoto Observatory and Research Center and, put forward his strong believe that the Ministry of Science and Technology will perform its utmost to further advance the aspiration of Entoto Observatory and Research Center for space science and technology development. Finally he conclude his remark by thanking the staff of Entoto Observatory and Research Center for their passion and dedication to work remarkably well under limited resources as well as all who involved in the development of the center.

H.E  Dr. Eng. Getahun, On behalf of MOST Minister H.E Abiy Ahmed,  also conveyed  message by mentioning that the hand over program  was a special occasion for the Ministry of Science and Technology  since  it was an event of celebrating the fruits of collaboration between our 32 public universities, Ethiopian Space Society and Unity University. He said that EORC has gone a milestone in the history of Ethiopian Space Science and Technology. and there is no doubt that its contribution over the  past three years has enhanced research and training capacity in space science and technology at the national level  and also demonstrated an effective partnership and collaboration culture among public and private institution.

He further stated that MOST were happily accepted the offer of the Governing Council and the Board of EORC to formally take over the observatory with its entire facility and human resource. He also asserted that the government is fully aware of the fact that Space Science, Education and research is not anymore a luxurious activity to be left to the industrialized nations. The world with no exception is prone to an extreme form of space science which can have significant effects on many sophisticated ground and space based technological systems. In this context, the Ethiopian government renewed its commitment to strengthen, expand and popularize science, technology innovation, education and research all over our country in line with GTP II.  More importantly, the question comes during the time at which MOST accelerating all of its efforts in strengthening the institutional and capacity focus on research and education in prioritized areas with strong support from government and working on enhancing space science and technology at national and international level.     

He finally conclude his speech by congratulating EORC for the successful transfer ceremony and by thanking public universities, ESSS and Unity University, EORC Board, and the entire EORC staff and stake holders for their immense contributions and request their collaboration to work with MOST to realize its policy and strategy.

In Special Award and appreciation Ceremony individuals, organizations and Universities who made an outstanding contribution for the success and establishment of EORC were awarded certificate, trophy and medal to recognize and appreciate their contributions. The main objective of the Appreciation and Special Awards ceremony is to formally recognize and thank those who contributed significantly towards the establishment and growth of EORC in different ways such as contribution with ideas, finance, expertise, consultations, leadership, knowledge & volunteerism. 

H.E Tefera Walwa, sheik Mohammed Hussein Ali Al-Amoudi and Dr. Solomon Belay were among the awardees of Gold Medal for their extra orsinary effort for success of EORC.

In addition, five organizations took the trophy for their extraordinary contribution. Furthermore 32 universities and 15 individuals from ESSS and EORC were also appreciated with certificates.

tefera award