NASA Associate Director Visited the Observatory

Written by Ermyas Aklilu on .

NASA Associate Director of Solar System Exploration Division Visited the Observatory

On 04 January  2016,Dr. Brook Lakew ,who is Associate Director of Solar System Exploration Division at NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center,  visited the observatory and gave public seminar about ' exploring our solar system'  at 5kilo AAIT hall to different scientific communities who were coming from EORC, AAIT, AAU, and High-schools (Cruise, LCCS, Abunegorgorious, Ethioparent and others) 

In his talk Dr. Brook has mentioned briefly about the  2013-2022 – the “Decadal Survey” of NASA's Planetary Science mission document which  encompasses  important science questions, types of missions, competitive selection of missions, status of current and upcoming missions, NASA’s new planetary CubeSats development program as well as missions data analysis Dr. brook emphasized that those of students who want to do research for their PhD or MSC or internship work should look at the document and will help to focus and guide which areas are currently active and give emphasis by such giant organization such as NASA. He also mentioned the available opportunities on NASA postdoctoral program and how to access data from different NASA’s mission for different research purposes. He finally concludes his talk by encouraging students to get involved in science and achieve their life missions.

Dr. Brook Lakew is the Associate Director of Solar System Exploration Division at NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center. In this capacity he heads the internal research and development investment portfolio that is critical to competitively winning future flight instruments and missions to Solar System destinations.  He also heads the Planetary Science Winter School at NASA-Goddard. He has been involved in several successful space science missions. His current research interest is in the area of far infrared arrays for upcoming missions to Uranus and Neptune. Dr. Brook Lakew holds a Ph.D. in Physical chemistry from the University of Paris.