INSA Delegates visited EORC

Written by Alemiye Mamo on .

On Wednesday 11 October 2015, the Information Network Security Agency (INSA) delegates lead by Mr. Belachew visited EORC. During their visit the EORC Director Dr. Solomon Belay and other scientific staffs and engineers gave brief explanation to the delegates about the general information of the observatory ,its vision & missions, the prioritized research and training areas and the center's current activities and near future plans.INSA1

After their visit the delegates were sited and discussed with the Director and Scientific teams of the center. In their discussion Mr.Belachew said that he was so impressed with what he saw and the visit gave him insight in what area that INSA will collaborate with the center. He further emphasized that their Agency has visited different research centers and universities in the country and identified possible manpower skills and resources where they can work collaboratively as national project. Mr.Belachew elaborate that their visit to EORC is part of this mission and would like to collaborate and work with EORC. Dr. Solomon Belay in his part also said that he appreciate and thank the delegate for their visit and explained the areas where EORC want to collaborate with INSA and extend the Center's willingness in further strengthening their relations.