EO Press conference on Telescope handovering

Written by Alemiye Mamo on .

On Saturday 21 February 2015, EO made press conference with national media's about the handovering of two 1m-diameter telescopes.


During the press conference Dr. Solomon Belay director of the Observatory, said that he was happy to see and reach for this final moment of handovering of the telescopes he mentioned that it is the result of eleven years effort made by Ethiopian Space Science Society (ESSS)who consistently struggle and work for the development of space Science in Ethiopia. Dr. Solomon also stated that these two telescope costs 2.5 million euro and a total of 120million birr was invested for establishment of EO so far.

Dr. Solomon said that the commissioning of the telescope was carried out by external & international Scientists and the telescopes have fulfilled the standards and ready for its full conference

Dr. Solomon further elaborated the advantage of acquiring this state of art telescope in Ethiopia by saying that first it can witness and convey message to the world that Ethiopia is capable of doing science and can no longer be remembered by hunger, second it give us a chance to build human capacity and exchange of technology for the local professionals, third it paves way to do lower up to medium level deep space scientific research and, forth, It create an opportunity to collaborate and work with international Scientific community & research centers and lastly It will also be used as resource not only for Ethiopia but also for East African region and act as anode for the development of Astronomy in the region.

Finally, Dr. Solomon thanks all people who directly & indirectly involved in the project, specifically the Ethiopian people both within & outside of the country who always with their side, individuals, different organizations and collaborators  participated,  in this work and who continuously supported  the program with ideas and finance to make it realized.

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