EO Council visited and made their Council meeting at EO

Written by Alemiye Mamo on .

On Friday 12 Dec 2014,the Entoto Observatory and Research Center Council visited the center and made a one day Council meeting at the center.Council meeting

During their visit ,the EO Director, Dr. Solomon Belay and his staff members,   explained for the Council members about the activities of the center in general and the scientific & technical support divisions in particular.                                  

After visiting the center, the Council members expressed their feelings & appreciation on the development & progress that EO has made so far.

During their Council meeting, they have discussed on the following agendas, Importance of Space Science & Technology, Space policy, strategy & regulatory frameworks; Sustainable Budget of EORC, election of Council chair & vice chairman and EO Board Vice chairman. 

In the meeting, since the importance of Space Science & Technology is unquestionable   for the development of the country, it is timely for Ethiopia to have space policy and the Council decided to prepare and propose space policy to the government. the Council also approved the budget presented by EO director and the meeting was concluded by electing his Excellency Mr. Tefera Walawa, Ethiopian Space Science Society patron , as chairman and Dr. Arega Yirdaw , president of Unity University, as vice chairman of the EO Council and Prof. Gezahgn Yirgu, Addis Ababa University , as V/Chairman of EO Board.

Finally in the meeting, the Council members have mentioned their commitment to work aggressively so as to achieve the EO's mission and vision in a decade time and even to upgrade the center in to Space Institute.



Ethiopian Space Policy and Strategy presentation