EO and STSG sign MOU on Satellite Development

Written by Ermyas Aklilu on .

IMAG0041Today 31 August 2014 at Sheraton Addis International Hotel at 5 PM

MOU agreement signed between Entoto Observatory and Research Center (EO) and Space Technology and Science Group (STSG) to train, to develop, to build and to launch medium research satellite at Entoto observatory and Research Center.

 Entoto Observatory and Research Center has been established in 2013 by 32 Public universities, Ethiopian Space Science Society (ESSS) and one private University as an independent and autonomous institute.

The main Objective of EO is: to provide for the promotion and use of Earth Observation, Satellite technology, Astronomy, Space Science and related technology, activities, foster research and long and short term training of internationally competitive expertise in Space Science and its applications, advances scientific knowledge through Human Capital, support the creation of an environment conductive to industrial development in Astronomy, Earth observation, Satellite science, Space Science and related technologies with in the frame work of national government plan as well as to make Ethiopia to be competent  in science and technology and to catch up the rest of the world that have space science and satellite technology program, said Dr. Solomon Belay Tessema director of the observatory.


To make Ethiopia effective and extensive user of space science and technology, especially satellite science and technology applications in all aspects of the development of the country and become contributor to the development of astronomy, space science, Earth Observation, satellite technology and related sciences within ten years.


  • Satisfy all space science and technology, especially satellite science and technology needs of the country fully by 2025 meet all needs to all fields.
  • Develop the necessary Capacity and research to be contributor to the development of science and Technology of the field.
  • Build regional, continental and international network to be fast learning country in space science, astronomy, Earth Observation, satellite and related technologies.
  • Promote space science, astronomy and related technologies, by establishing different outreach programs

Therefore, the main objective of satellite development agreements is one of vision of the observatory and to develop, build, launches 20-25 Kg medium research satellite within the next five years. After the evolution of the first project both institutions will further upgrade the agreement into large scale satellite technology development.

The objective of the STSG as the first Pan-Central European, Nordic and Baltics technologically integrated industry and research group is to provide end to end design, manufacture, testing, launch and operation of highly capable small, medium but advanced satellites and associated ground stations, systems and applications in an innovative and cost effective platform.

The significance of space and satellite technology to Ethiopia:

There are many advantages to Ethiopia to mention some of them:

  • Knowledge and technology transfer
  • Human capital training ( Capacity Building)
  • Earth Observation such as: agriculture, weather forecasting, disaster control an d forecast, urban planning, environmental control, forestry, green economy,  Mining exploration, water resource, research, technology development, etc.
  • Accelerates national science and technology development ( internet, wireless technology and other related science)
  • Contributes for the implementation of GTP
  • To boast Ethiopia’s space ownership
  • Strong  regional, continental and international Collaboration in science and technology
  • Confirms that Ethiopia is working for sustainable science and technology development
  • National image building

31 August 2014

Entoto Observatory and Research Center

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia