Astro division details

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Astronomy and Astrophysics Research Division:

The research thematic areas of this research division will focus the following issues.

  • Observational and Theoretical astrophysics astronomy and Astronomy,
  • X-ray astronomy,
  • Gamma-ray,
  • Instrumentation,
  • Evolution of stars,
  • Galaxy,
  • Cosmology,
  • Near Earth Objects (NEOs),
  • Photometry,
  • Computational astronomy and Astrophysics,
  • High energy astrophysics,
  • Observation of Near Earth Objects (NEO),
  • Solar activities (the sun) study of nebulae and stars
  • Gravitational microlensing
  • Cultural and ancient astronomy
  • Computational Astrophysics
  • Time Series CCD Photometry of stars
  • Variability of stars , Periodic phenomena;
  • Follow-up observations of Gamma Ray Bursts (GRB);
  • Optical observation of different Binary Stars including X-ray Binaries (Asteroids, comets and meteorites;
  • Synoptic monitoring of eruptive variable stars (e.g. recurrent novae);
  • High time speed photometry of pulsating stars like roAp stars and white dwarfs;
  • Galaxies & Extra Galactic Structures;
  • Observations of pulsating variable stars
  • Cepheids; 
  • RR Lyr type variables;
  • Study of light curves parameters
  • RR Lyr type variables
  • Evolution of stars:
  • Search for evolutionary changes in periods of Cepheis
  • Distance scale;
  • Cepheids
  • RR Lyr   
  • Galaxy structure
  • Study of the disk structure using Cepheids   
  • Study of the halo structure using RR Lyr variables data
  • Accretion discs around magnetized neutron stars
  • Accretion onto the black hole
  • X-Ray Binaries:
  • Astrophysical Plasma
  • Cosmology